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Setting Up POS Registers

Last updated 20/11/2020

This article explains how to use the POS Registers setting.


POS Registers should be set up for the following reasons:

  • You want to use the One-click POS setup instead of the tedious process of using the POS ID and POS Key.
  • You want to use Afterpay, Dejavoo or DPS as payment providers.
  • You want to fix a particular POS register to a specific branch.

Creating a Register

To create a register:

  1. Set up a POS Register as described in Setting up the POS, making careful note of the Register Code.
  2. Go to General Settings by clicking the cog icon at the bottom left of the screen.
  3. From the POS menu, click POS Register Setup.
  4. Click Create New.
  5. Enter the Register Code in the provided field.
  6. Enter a short description of the location in the location field.
  7. Add the appropriate settings for Fixed Branch and Terminal Type (see below).
  8. Click Save.
  9. To set up POS on your device, click Setup.
  10. To install POS on other user's devices, click Send email.


Fixed Branch

If you select a 'fixed branch' from the Fixed Branch dropdown, the POS register with the given Register Code will always log in to the selected branch. This is useful if you want to ensure your staff always make transactions against the correct branch.

Users that do not have permission to the fixed branch will be presented with a dialogue denying them access prior to log in.

Users will not be able to switch between branches with this setting selected.

Terminal Types

Terminal types should be used if you use Afterpay, Dejavoo or DPS. You can find further information about this here:

  1. Afterpay
  2. Windcave
  3. Dejavoo