Can I limit a POS user to only selling from their default branch?

I would like to restrict the access of POS users so that they can only sell from their default branch.

Is it possible to set these permissions?


Yes, this is possible. User permissions are set when a user is created or updated.

To limit their access to their default branch:

  1. Navigate to the user's settings page.
  2. If they do not already have one, set a Default Branch for the user by using the dropdown.
  3. Click on the Branch Access dropdown and select Limited Access.

The user will now only have access to their default branch, and they will not be able to change the branch in the POS.

It is also possible to provide access to view particular branches without giving the user permission to sell or edit transactions. To do this, use the dropdown lists beside each branch name.

Please see Creating New Users for further instructions on this process.



10/10/2017 - Harish