Can I update an invoice in Xero from Cin7?

I've made a change to my invoice in Cin7, and now I'd like these changes to be reflected in the invoice in Xero. How can I do this?


You can only push changes from Cin7 to Xero when invoices are in draft state.

To import an order again:

  1. Find the order from the Sales Order list page.
  2. Hover over the cog icon and click Admin.
  3. Change the Xero/QBO Status to "Not Imported, or Reset for Reimport".
  4. Save these changes.

Your order should appear in the Xero module ready for importing into Xero.

If you have already approved an invoice in Xero however, you will receive this error if you try and import that transaction again:

Invoice not of valid status for modification 

For invoices that have been approved in Xero, you will have to manually update the transaction in both Cin7 and Xero.


8/21/2017 - Daniel