Size Packs

What are size packs, and how do I set them up?


Size packs are a good way to sell a variety of sizes in prearranged quantities.
How to Setup Size Packs:
On your products module settings, please change the following:
  1. Configure your product settings to the Fashion industry if it's not already.
  2. Change the Carton Options to Footwear Packs.  
  3. Make sure that the Alternative Unit of Measures(UOM) is set to Yes
In the general settings, under Custom Settings, click on Supplier Footwear Packs.
Add a Supplier Footwear Pack by clicking on Add New
  • Enter in your Supplier Name
  • Supplier ID(same as the preferred supplier's id)
  • Enter in the Pack Name and Sizes
    • As an example:
Please follow this format to ensure that it works properly.
Pack Name
Qty x Size

11/5/2018 - Keith