What can I do if I have offline orders on my POS that I can't sync?

I have been processing many sales from the POS while offline but I am unable to sync them back to Cin7. The support team has advised me to try clearing my browser's cache and cookies but doing so will mean I lose all my offline orders.

Is there anything I can do to keep my offline order data while clearing my cache and cookies?


Clearing your browser's cache and cookies will result in the data being lost from the browser, however you can export the data from the POS before this happens and then import it once the issue has been fixed.

To export the offline orders:

  1. Click Offline Orders at the top of the screen.
  2. On the subsequent dialogue, click Export Offline Orders.
  3. Confirm the export.

The offline orders will then be exported into a text file so that they can be imported later. You are now safe to clear the browser's cache and cookies without losing that data.

Once you have cleared the browser's cache and cookies, you can then import those offline orders back into Cin7. It is advised that you import these orders as soon as you can to avoid any potential complications.

To import the orders:

  1. Click Import Offline Orders.
  2. Open the text file with the exported orders.
  3. Copy the orders and paste them into the following text box.
  4. Click Import.

Finally, you will be brought back to the screen where the Export and Import Offline orders buttons are. Click the Sync Orders button to sync those orders back to Cin7. Your offline orders will now be synced without losing any data.

6/24/2018 - Sherwin