When clicking on 'Stock Avail', I am getting a error and cannot access the Stock Available figures.

I have selected a branch, and for some reason an error is raised when clicking on Stock Avail.

Why am I getting this error?


The most likely reason is that there exist orders related to this product which do not have a Created Date. By default this should be created automatically to the current date, but in some circumstances, a user may have overwritten the date field with a blank. 

Please follow the steps below to find the orders related to a specific product that has no created date.

1. In the 'Product Ordered' field of a Sales/Purchase Order Module, enter the code of the product that is raising the error when clicking on 'Stock Avail' on the Products Module and press enter. Notice that the 'Sales Order Status' field will change to 'Past 12Months', change this to 'Search All'.


2. You should now have a list of ALL the orders that contain this product, from here you can select the orders that have no created date and can set a date by going into the order and selecting a date by clicking on the calendar icon. 


3. If you have many orders and don't have the patience to check through all the results pages, no need to worry! You can simply filter the results by clicking on the 'Created Date' twice, this will display the orders with no created date at the top of the list.


4. Once these dates have been set, you should be able to click on Stock Avail for that product without any issues. If the error continues to come up, it will be the case that the transaction without a created date may not be a purchase or sales order - so check transactions such as adjustments or branch transfers. 

If you still have issues - please contact support who can investigate further.

10/11/2017 - Lala