Where can I find an Account Receivable report in Cin7?

Does Cin7 have an Accounts Receivable report so that know how much each customer owes us? 


Cin7 has a report called 'Sales Invoices with Payment Owing' which shows a list of Sales Orders that have been imported to your accounting system and have no payment allocated to it.

To view the Sales Invoices with Payment Owing Report:

  1. From the left menu, click Admin & Reports.
  2. Click on Standard Reports.
  3. Under the Finance Section of the reports.
  4. Click on Sales Invoices with Payment Owing report.

Please ensure to click on the "Update Paid Invoice' link in your Xero/QBO/QBE Module prior to looking at this report.

If you are unable to find this report - you may have to install Connected Intelligence, a monthly subscription to advanced reporting features.

10/24/2017 - Mara