Why am I getting "Invoice not of valid status for modification" error when trying to import a transaction to Xero?

When I try to import a transaction or credit note into Xero, the error "Invoice not of valid status for modification" occurs.

How can we solve this error?


This error occurs when you are trying to import a transaction that has already been imported and approved or paid or deleted/voided in Xero. Xero doesn't allow you to re-import transactions that have been already approved or paid or deleted/voided.

If the status of this transaction was changed to Not Imported Yet Or Reset For Re-import by accident, please change the QBO/Xero Invoice Status: back to Imported. To do this:

  1. Click Go to Admin.
  2. Choose Imported from the drop down box behind QBO/Xero Invoice Status.

However, if a correction needs to be made on an approved Xero invoice, you can either manually correct the invoice in both Cin7 and Xero or follow the process below:

  1. Open each transaction and click Go to Admin.
  2. Hover over Action and then click Create a New Version A,B,C.
  3. Once this new version has been created, import it into Xero.
  4. Void the original transaction in Cin7 and Xero.

For orders, that are already been paid for in Xero, you need to take special care to see whether the order has to be re-imported or not. 

10/3/2017 - Dorothy