Why is the quantity changing for some line items when the order is imported to Xero?

For some orders the line item quantity changes to 1 when it is imported to Xero. What we have discovered is that this is happening only when the unit price of an item in the order is more than 2 decimals.


Xero will not accept more than 2dp when an order is imported from Cin7, this is due to the limitations of the API link between Cin7 and Xero. Therefore, when importing orders to Xero you will notice a few changes for line items that have a unit price or unit cost greater than 2dp in Cin7.

In Xero you'll notice that the quantity column in the order will change to 1 however, the total amount for the line item matches the total amount for the line item in Cin7. You'll also notice that the description field in Xero will show the actual quantity times the actual unit price.

11/1/2017 - Mara