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Billing Information

Last updated 31/05/2021


Your bill is calculated on the first of each month, and you are charged the current agreed-upon billing rate.

Your invoices and billing details, including an invoice breakdown summarizing your charges, can be viewed at any time in Cin7.

For information about creating users, see Creating New Users.

Viewing invoices 

You must be logged in as an administrator to view your invoices:

  1. In Cin7, select your name, then select Account Details.
  2. Select Statement.
  3. Select an invoice to review.

Viewing invoice breakdown

At the bottom of an invoice, select Invoice Breakdown.

The invoice breakdown lists the account's users/user email addresses and a summary of charges. 

Concurrent user policy

Cin7 does not allow users to be logged in to more than one device at a time.

If a user attempts to log in to another device while they are still logged on elsewhere, they will be prompted to log out of the first device.

This policy is intended to be fair to all customers and will enhance the security and integrity of your account. Additional details can be found in the Cin7 Terms and Conditions.


How can I add or remove users?

See the Cin7 User Overview Help article for additional information on adding or removing users.

How do I request a change to my invoice?

Invoice questions should be sent to Cin7 Billing at billing@cin7.com.