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Dropship Automation

Last updated 01/02/2021

How to use the Dropship Automation Bot.


The Dropship Automation Bot sends orders to suppliers when you create a sales order for a Dropship product.

This bot eliminates the need to use the Smart Buyer to create purchase orders for products set to Dropship in the Order Type field.

Note: This automation applies only to products that are set to "Dropship" in the "Order Type" field in the Products module and that have assigned suppliers.

Create a Dropship Bot

To create a Dropship Bot:

  1. Select Cin7 Automation Bots under Admin in the left navigation pane.
  2. Select Create New Automation Bot.
  3. Scroll down to Purchasing, and select Dropship.
  4. In the Name field, give the bot a name.
    This is useful if you are setting up multiple Dropship bots. Once created, the name can be changed at any time in Settings.
  5. Select Create Automation.

The Settings page appears.

Configure the Automation

Use the Settings page to apply the automation to specific channels and branches, automate emails, and more:

  1. Under Tags, select the channels for which the automation applies.
    Note: This is used for visualizing the workflow in the Automation Bots Dashboard.
  2. Select All Branches or the specified branches in which this automation will be used.
  3. Select which suppliers will receive purchase orders for your Dropship products.
  4. Set up a bulk email template if you want to automatically notify suppliers about orders.
  5. Enter a Cin7 user email address where you would like to send a summary of activity each time the automation is run. 
  6. Under Schedule, set the days, time, and frequency the automation will run automatically. Or select Click on Demand to allow a user to run the automation at will.

Viewing the Automation Workflow

Once configured, the Dropship Automation Bot workflow can be viewed in the Purchasing tab of the Automation Bots Dashboard.

The workflow shows when the automation was run last, when it is scheduled to run next, and configuration settings.

Selecting Preview will show a summary of the results of running the Automation while selecting Run will initiate the Automation Bot.


What if a sales order includes both dropship and standard products?

A purchase order is created for the dropship product with a transaction link to the sales order. The dropship product is marked as Dispatched once it is fulfilled, but the sales order remains open until the standard products are fulfilled.

What happens when a purchase order is partially received?

The dropship products in the sales order will not be dispatched until the purchase order is fully received.