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How customers use a B2B Online Store

Last updated 18/07/2021


This article discusses the B2B Online Store customer experience. This is useful if your customers have questions about accessing and navigating a store.

Joining a store

  • When you invite customers to a store, they receive an email with your store name and logo. They set up an account and password by selecting Join Now

Logging in

Once an account and password are set up, customers are given a link to log in to the store. The login page includes the store banner image and store logo.

Main store page

On the main store page, customers can select or search for products to purchase, go to checkout, and access My Account, Order History, and Upload a Bulk Order pages via the Menu button. 



Adding a product to an order

  • When a product is selected, a detailed screen appears with pricing, images, description, and product options. 
  • Selecting the plus sign or entering a number sets the quantity for an order.
  • When quantities are set, selecting Close adds the product to an order.



  • Checkout can be accessed by selecting the box icon.
  • Quantities and products can be added to or removed from an order on the Review page.
  • Delivery address, preferred delivery date, special instructions, and a PO number can be added to an order.  
  • Selecting Place Order completes the order.  

Important: current payment and freight options

  • The B2B Online Store currently supports on-account customers only. Additional payment options will be available to customers in the second half of 2021
  • Freight options are limited to To be Confirmed