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Locations Overview

Last updated 22/01/2021

How to allocate Locations via Static and Inventory-specific methods.


A Location can be used to further organize stock within a Branch, making it easier to find. A location consists of a Zone and a Bin. Typically a Zone is a larger area, a Bin is a specific area within a Zone.

Every warehouse will have a different method of organization; be it bays, rows, shelves, areas, etc., so feel free to use whatever suits your specific warehouse setup.

There are two different methods of Locations that you can use: Static, and Inventory Specific.

Static Locations

Applying Static Locations is the quickest and easiest method to use Locations in Cin7. A maximum of two locations can be applied to each product per branch. This allows pickers to see the two most common locations for a particular product.

The order that these locations appear in the Pick 'n' Pack can be controlled. This can be used to allow pickers to pick products for multiple orders on one route, maximizing their productivity.

Locations are applied using the stocktake master module. Please see Static Bin Locations for more information.

Inventory Specific Locations

It is possible to apply locations to each individual inventory item if necessary. This is particularly useful if your products are stored in many different places throughout your warehouse.

Though this is a more detailed way of using Locations it does come with some disadvantages:

  • Each inventory item must be manually assigned a location on receiving stock into the system.
  • Stock taking becomes more time consuming and can only be done manually via an adjustment.
  • Inventory Specific Locations cannot be used with the Pick 'n' Pack module.
  • A high level of accuracy is required - the item that is picked in reality must match the location in the system exactly.
  • Every time you move an item a Location Transfer must be created in the system.

Given the above, it is recommended to use Inventory Specific Locations sparingly; perhaps for a small subset of your stock.

See the  Inventory Specific Locations Help article for additional information.


Is it possible to rename the titles "Bin" and "Zone"?

No,  it is not.