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Bulk Updating Contacts

Last updated 01/02/2017

Once you've imported your contacts, you can make changes to them in bulk using our Bulk Update function. This article explains how to Bulk Update your contacts.

Step One - Creating a Spreadsheet

The first step to updating your contacts is to export the current data into a spreadsheet. Any changes to the spreadsheet can then be imported back into the system.

To create the Spreadsheet:

  1. From the left navigation select the CRM Module
  2. Filter the list to show only the contacts you'd like to update. If you want to update all of them, just leave the fliters empty.
  3. Hover over the actions menu and then click Bulk Update Contacts
  4. The Export Results box at the bottom of the next screen contains all your data. Click Select Data and then Copy this data to the clipboard (Ctrl+C / Command+C)
  5. Paste your data into a Spreadsheet, where you can make your changes

Step Two - Importing changes back into the system

Once you've made your changes in your spreadsheet, you can then paste this data back in the system to import as follows:

  1. Select and copy all of the data in your spreadsheet. Make sure you have selected all the columns, as the update will not work if there are missing columns.
  2. Return to the Bulk Update Screen - see step 3 above.
  3. In the top box, paste your data
  4. Click Update Contacts to finalise the import
  5. The number of updated contacts will be shown in green above


I keep receiving an error message when attempting to update - why?

The error message should explain the issue clearly. If you are not sure what the error means, copy the error and send it to the support team, along with the data you are trying to update.

Can you add new contacts at the same time as updating?

It's not possible to add new contacts using the update process - you'll have to import these contacts separately.

The field I need to update is not in the Export, is it possible to add this in?

If a certain field doesn't exist, contact the support team and we can add it in for you.