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Cin7 and DPS

Last updated 02/05/2018

Add DPS to our Payment Portal so your customers can pay their invoices online.


Add DPS to our Payment Portal so your customers can pay their invoices online delivers a range of benefits:

  • Make more sales by making it easier for customers to pay you.
  • Get paid faster and improve your cash flow
  • Improve collections from slow payers
  • Easy set-up of a DPS account and the pay now button means you can be operational and getting paid within minutes
  • Improve workflows and reduce customer support for efficient shipping 

Connecting an Existing DPS Gateway 

To connect an existing DPS Account to Cin7's payment portal:

  1. Whilst logged in as an administrator, click on your username, top right and click on Settings.
  2. From the Setup menu, click on Payment Portal Configuration.
  3. On the Payment Gateway Tab click on Connect Another Online Payment Provider.
  4. Select Payment Express
  5. Enter the Login ID and Password for your account.
  6. Click Connect

Setup Payment Portal Now


Cin7’s Payment Portal lets your customers settle their bills in a single click. You always know what invoices have or have not been paid, and payments are reflected directly in your Cin7 sales order.

DPS offers reliable and secure payments. 

DPS Charges As negotiated
Cin7’s Software Fee 0.35% + 29¢ per successful card charge



Why do I get an 'Authentication Error' when try to make an invoice payment with DPS as my gateway?

DPS offers 2 separate APIs to accept credit card details - PxFusion and PxPost. The PxFusion allows merchants to accept credit card details within a form on their own web page while PxPost allows accepting card details from a third party website.

Being a third party website handling payments, Cin7 communicates with Payment Express via the PxPost API. Not all DPS customers have access to the PxPost API because of which you might get an Authentication Error.

If this happens, please raise a ticket with DPS Support and obtain access to the PxPost API. This might also require additional bank approvals.