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Exporting Products

Last updated 17/02/2021

How to export products for updating products or inserting new Product or Size Options.


The Product Export feature will export all of your product data into a .csv spreadsheet.

Exporting your data has several uses:

  • You can extract all, or a subset, of your data in one quick process
  • You can update your products by changing the export and re-importing it
  • You can insert new Product Options, or Size Options by adding additional rows to the export and re-importing it

Exporting Products

To export your products:

  1. From the Left Navigation, select Products.
  2. To export a subset of your products, filter the product list or search for a particular product,
    - or -
    Reset the filter to export all of your products.
  3. From the Actions menu, select Export Products.

  4. In the following screen, you can select any number of fields to export, or select Check All.


  5. Select Export, then in the following page, select Export again to download a .csv file.


How do I open a .csv file?

A .csv file will open in spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Opening the .csv file in Excel removes some of the leading zeros on my codes. Why?

This will happen if you open the .csv directly in Excel, but you can work around this by importing it into Excel instead. See the Solving some Common Excel Problems Help article for additional information.