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Product Import Reference

Last updated 19/08/2018

This article explains each field in the product import spreadsheets.


This is a reference for all three of the templates provided. Please note that these templates are just guides with a minimal number of fields given. You can import into any field in the product module - just include it in the spreadsheet as a column. You will need to match your additional columns yourself after import however.

The templates are:

Simple Product Fields

Field Explanation
CATEGORY Parent level category.
SUBCATEGORY Subcategory of the product. Note that although you can have three levels or categorisation in Cin7, or indeed more, it is not possible to import these.
PRODUCT NAME Required. This is the name of the product.
DESCRIPTION A long description of the product.
SUPPLIER This is the preferred supplier of the product. It must match exactly the name of a supplier in the system for a match to be created automatically.
Stock Control Required. This is the stock control method. It should be either "FIFO", "Batch", "Serial" or blank for non-stock products.
Option 1 Label The title of the option, and not the option itself. I.e. it should be "Color" and not "Red".
Option 2 Label See above.
Price CODE Required. This is the unique code for each option.
Option 1 An option, e.g. "Red".
Option 2 A second option, if needed.
Cost Price Cost price of the product in the home currency.
Retail Price Retail price of the product in your home currency.
Wholesale Price A wholesale price for the product.
VIP Price A VIP price.

Fashion Product Fields

Field Explanation
Style Code A code common to a group of product options and size options.
SKU Range A SKU / Size Range - see Fashion Products. This product is applied at the product level, so will be the same for all sizes within a product. If no Size Range exists in the system, then one will be created based on this name, using the sizes within Size column (below).
Size Code This is a unique code applied to a size, e.g. "Ts-1-M".
Size A single size, e.g. "m". It must correspond with the Size Range.

Alternative Units of Measure Fields

Field Explanation
UOM Code A unique code for the unit of measure - usually built from the code, e.g. "rg1-box".
Price UOM The price per this unit of measure, if applicable.
UOM Cost The cost of this unit of measure, if applicable.
UOM Size A number that represents the multiple of the base unit of measure.
UOM Option1 The name of this unit of measure.
UOM Option2 A second name if needed.