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Product Settings

Last updated 22/01/2021

Configuration options available for the Products module.

Finding the Settings

The Product settings are located in the general settings page. To find them:

  1. While logged in as an Administrator, select your username in the top right and then select Settings.
  2. The Product Settings are located to the top left.

General Configuration

Products Version

For legacy users only, Version 2 is the most recent version.


Choose an industry to add advanced features:

Industry Features
Standard The Default setting and relevant for most users; just displays the standard fields.
Fashion Adds additional fields for the size color grid.
Flooring Adds additional units of measure.
Wine Add additional fields for Wet Tax.

Carton Options

Carton options adds additional units of measure, specifically for cartonization for 3PLs.

Show Alternative Units of Measure

Adds in additional fields for Alternative Units of Measure.

Default Product Option Names

Add in a drop-down list of product options if you frequently use similar product option names for new products.

Order Quantities

Add a Min Stock Level, Reorder Qty and Supply Days to each product option. Please note that this functionality has been superseded by the Replenishment feature, explained in the video Stocktake Advanced.

Option Image

Enable the uploading of images for each product option, as well as for the main product - particularly useful for the B2B site.

Option Weight

Add a weight field to each product option.

Imperial will show weight in ounces, Metric will show weight in grams.


Adds additional fields for Alternative GL Accounts for purchasing or sales.


Adds the following fields:

  • Height
  • Width
  • Length
  • Weight
  • Cubic Feet/Meters

You can change between metric and imperial using the drop down box to the right.

Imperial will show length in inches, weight in pounds and volume in cubic feet.

Metric will show length in centimeters, weight in kilograms and volume in cubic meters.

Cin7 will convert these measurements correctly when providing data to shipping apps like ShipStation and Starshipit.

Show B2B Website Options

Shows additional options for the B2B site including:

  • Sort
  • Loyalty Points
  • Image 2
  • Image 3
  • Description

Show Retail Promotional Matrix

Adds the promotional matrix fields to the products page; explained in more detail in our article Promotional Matrix.

Prevent duplicate product codes

Switching this to Yes will prevent products with duplicate codes being created. This is the recommended setting. Duplicates codes are not allowed in Cin7 and will cause issues unless resolved.

Show Channel Options

Add additional checkboxes to the Products page that allow for the matching of specified products to products in the listed sales channels.

Additional Search Fields

Selecting one (or more) of these creates an additional search field on the CRM List Page to give greater flexibility searching customer data.

Show Additional Columns In The List


Field Explanation
Position Number Dictates where in the list the field appears with 1 being the furthest left.
Managers Only Hides this column from those without Manager access.

Show Additional Fields In The Product Form

There are a number of additional fields that can be added to the product sections, in addition to those that appear by default.

Each field appears in a list with a few fields:

Field Explanation
Show Toggles the field display on or off.
Name The name of the particular field.
Section The section of the products page in which the field should appear.
Position Number Dictates where in the section the field appears with 1 being the top.
Managers Only Hides this column from those without Manager access.

The additional fields that can be added are as follows:

Field Explanation
PDF Upload A field that enables the uploading of a PDF file. Ideal for product spec sheets.
PDF Description An Explanation of the PDF; appears in the B2B module.
Brand Add a brand. This field is documented in the article Brand, Type and Project Name.
Project Name Add a Project Name to a product. This field is documented in the article Brand, Type and Project Name.
POS Tabs Add a POS tab, this field is explained in Adding POS Tabs.
Box Size Code Add a box size code; useful for 3PL and EDI connections.