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Creating a Purchase Order for Fashion Products

Last updated 22/01/2021

How to create a purchase order with Fashion Items and utilize the Size/Color grid for fast entry.

Creating a PO for Fashion Items

If you have set your products up to utilize the Size/Color Grid for Fashion items, products can be entered into a purchase quickly and easily. For more information on how to set up your products correctly, see Creating Fashion Products.

  1. Create a Purchase as usual, as detailed in Creating a Purchase Order.
  2. When entering a Fashion product, the Size/Color Grid automatically appears.
  3. Enter the number of items you'd like to order in the boxes provided, then select Save.

Note that items with different colors will get created on separate lines.

Receiving Fashion Products

When a Purchase Order is received, the Stock on Hand (SOH) increases. To receive a Purchase:

  1. From the Purchase Orders List Page Click on the order reference to edit your chosen order
  2. To receive all the goods at the same time, enter a Fully Received Date.
    If partially receiving a Purchase, see the Creating a Back Order Help article for additional information.
  3. Enter an Invoice Date and Invoice Number.
    Entering an invoice date makes the Purchase Order available for importing into your Accounting Software.
  4. Select Save to complete the transaction

Viewing Purchase Order Documents

On a Purchase Order document, product line items will be split out into Size grids automatically: