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Dropshipping in Cin7

Last updated 01/02/2021

How to dropship in Cin7.


Dropshipping is making a sale for stock you don't yet have, and then ordering the stock from your suppliers who in turn dispatch the goods directly to your customers.


For dropshippers, sales can be created by any channel (i.e., ecommerce, B2B site, marketplace, or wholesale).

Open sales, where stock is due to be dispatched, will need to be analyzed for products that must be bought.  Smart Buyer is an excellent tool for this as it allows you to create a purchase for a particular supplier based on relevant products in multiple open sales.

How to Dropship Sales Orders

Enter Smart Buyer and change the filters to:

  • Group By: Order Ref and Supplier 
  • Stock Status:  All Open Sales Order

Once everything is confirmed, you will receive the Purchase Order, bringing stock into the system, then immediately dispatch the Sales Order, taking stock out again.

To summarize, the dropshipping process is as follows:

  1. Make a Sales Order and ensure the delivery address has been entered correctly.
    Note: This is the delivery address that will show on the dropship Purchase Order.
  2. Use Smart Buyer and change the filter to "Order Ref and Supplier".
  3. Select "New Dropship Purchase Order"
  4. Once Purchase is confirmed, fully receive the Purchase Order.
  5. Complete the initial Sales Order.

If the Dropship option does not appear appear, contact Cin7 Support.