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Replenishment Values

Last updated 22/01/2021

How replenishment values can be applied to products and used in the system.


Replenishment Values are used to help decide what stock needs to be moved between branches in Cin7 to ensure that the correct branches have the correct stock available. 

The Safety stock is the level where replenishment will be triggered, the optimal stock level is the quantity which the replenishment will try and meet by creating a branch transfer.

Allocating Replenishment Values to Products

Products are allocated Replenishment Values using the Stocktake Master module in the same way that stock numbers and static bin locations are entered. Replenishment Values are set per product, per branch.

To allocate Replenishment Values to products:

  1. From the Left Navigation, select Stock, then select Stocktake Master.
  2. Select the correct Branch from the top left.
  3. Set Update Mode to Replenishment Values.
  4. Set Type to All.

  5. Next, Export the data. Select the data fields you would like exported per product, then select Export Data.
  6. Copy and paste the data in the green box into a spreadsheet.
  7. Fill out the Safety Stock and Optimal Stock columns in the spreadsheet.
  8. Paste all the data from the spreadsheet back into the box in step 3.
  9. Select Update Replenishment.

  10. Select Confirm to apply the new Replenishment Values to the products

Using Replenishment Values in Cin7

Replenishment values can be used to calculate what products need to be added to a branch transfer to move stock from a warehouse to a retail branch. 

In the Standard Reports module there is a report which can be added through the reports library called Branch Replenishment From Safety Stock and Optimum Stock Quantities.

The report will show the Stock on Hand in the current branch as well as the Safety Stock and Optimal stock levels.  If the Stock on hand quantity is less than the Safety stock then the "To Order" column will show the quantity required to bring the Stock on Hand back to the Optimal level.

Once the "To Order" values have been adjusted where necessary, type the name of the branch which will be replenished into the Branch field at the top of the screen and select Create Branch Transfer.  The products and Order quantities will be added to a new Branch Transfer to be approved and completed.

The other replenishment option is to use the Branch Replenishment Automation Bot.  This bot will run automatically and look for products in each branch that are below their safety stock level and then create a branch transfer to bring their stock on hand back to the optimal stock level.

The Automation bot can be configured to calculate replenishment quantities for multiple branches at once.  It is possible to set a priority level for each branch to manage a situation where there is not sufficient stock for all replenishment.

Further information on configuring the Branch Replenishment Automation bot can be found here.