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Viewing Stock Figures in Cin7

Last updated 22/01/2021

How to leverage the available stock figures within Cin7.


Once you have set up your products, and completed a stock take, you can make the most of Cin7's accurate stock levels.

To view the stock levels for any product, simply navigate to the products module.

Each product has several stock figures, explained below.

Stock Figures

Stock Available

Stock Available is calculated as follows:

Stock On Hand - Open Orders and Production Jobs

Because you may have more open orders than you do stock on hand, the Stock Available figure can go into negative numbers.

Selecting the Stock Available figure will show the last 50 transactions that affect that product.

Stock on Hand

Stock on Hand is the amount of stock you physically have in stock at any one time. It can never go into negative.

The Stock on Hand figure can be broken down further by inspecting the Open to Sell table; this appears when you click on the Stock on Hand number.

Holding Stock

Holding Stock typically contains four types of stock:

  • Stock that is in transit between two branches, due to a branch transfer.
  • Stock that has been returned but marked as faulty.
  • Stock that has been reserved for a layby.
  • Stock that has been manually assigned to the holding location.

Holding stock is useful whenever you wish to prevent the stock from being sold.

You can view your holding stock by inspecting the Open to Sell table; this appears when you click on the Stock on Hand number, then view the holding column.

Incoming Stock

Incoming stock shows the quantity of the products in open purchase orders.


How do I release stock from holding?

You can release stock from holding from the transaction that the stock is held.
Once you have located the transaction where the stock is held
1) Select the number in Holding Qty.
2) Clear the selected holding under the column Holding.
3) Save the order.