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Picking sales orders

Last updated 28/03/2021


This article explains how the Picking screen is used to pick orders that have been released to pick in the Orders screen. Orders can be picked using a scanner or printed packing slips.

Selecting orders to pick

  1. Select orders for picking by: 
  • searching/selecting an order in the dropdown field
  • scanning a packing slip
  • or by selecting Pick Next Group

Selected orders appear at the top of the screen. Items to be picked appear under “Items(s) to Pick”.

  1. Select Click to Pick.
  • Selecting Click to Pick prevents another user from picking the same orders.
Sorting items

“Item(s) to Pick” can be sorted by Product, Location, or OrderRef.

  • Sorting by Location shows items by location using the hierarchy set up for the branch in Cin7’s CRM.
  • Sorting by OrderRef groups items by sales order to be picked.

Picking FIFO items

  1. Scan an item or select an item under “Items to Pick”
  2. Scan or select the plus sign to pick each item. Items will appear under “Items Picked”.
  3. When required items are picked select Complete.
  • If items are in multiple locations, click Select to pick items at different locations.
  • A warning appears if the scanned item does not match the sale order. 

Picking batch and serial products

A batch or serial must be selected when picking products set to Batch of Serial stock control.

  • When the product is scanned or selected, a list of available batches or serials appears.
  • Select the relevant batch or serial to begin picking, click Select to pick a different batch.
  • Multiple batches can be picked for each product.
  • A unique serial number must be applied to each serial item picked.

Managing partially picked orders

A warning appears when selecting Complete for a sales order that is partially picked. 

  • Options are provided to continue picking or to complete the order as partially picked.
  • If completed as partially picked, a back-order is automatically created for the unpicked items.

Picking orders into totes

When tote picking is enabled, each order must be assigned a tote number as it is picked. 

  1. Under “Items Picked”, select Assign Tote.
  2. Enter the tote number.
  3. Select Complete.  
  • If multiple totes are enabled, all orders in a Pick Group will be automatically assigned to the same tote number.