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3PL Overview

Last updated 17/06/2022

Benefits of leveraging Cin7 integrations to an ever-expanding list of third party logistics (3PL) companies.

What is a 3PL?

Third Party Logistics (3PL) involves businesses that hold your stock in their warehouses, and dispatch your goods for you on request, in exchange for a fee.

The use of 3PLs has become increasingly common, especially for businesses that are attempting to expand overseas. Using a 3PL is a great way to become a global brand without the risk of signing warehouse leases and hiring staff overseas.

Cin7's ever-expanding list of integrations enables you to dispatch orders to 3PLs with the click of a button, minimizing administration time and reducing delivery times.

Cin7 3PL integrations can be combined with EDI and Marketplace integrations with big retail stores, to create a powerful all-in-one solution.

What 3PL companies do you work with?

Cin7 has integrated with a large number of 3PL providers.  The current list of 3PL integration can be found on the Cin7 website, and new 3PL providers are frequently being added.

If you can't find your 3PL provider listed on the Cin7 website, you can submit a request to have Cin7 review a new 3PL provider for potential integration. To make a request, please provide your Cin7 Onboarding specialist, or Cin7 Support, with the following pieces of information:

  • Name of 3PL provider
  • A technical contact
  • Connection options; most likely via:
    • FTP server
    • API (SOAP or JSON)

Once submitted, Cin7 will review the proposed new 3PL integration and be back in touch with any questions or next steps.


How does the integration work?

See the Using a 3PL Connection Help article for additional information on how 3PL integrations work.