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Using a 3PL Connection

Last updated 01/02/2021

How to begin sending orders once 3PL integration has been established.


This article explains how to send Sales Orders and Branch Transfers to your 3PL for shipment. From a general perspective, once a Sales Order or Branch Transfer has been dispatched (i.e., the stock has left the system), the order will be available to send to your 3PL. Using the 3PL module, you can send the orders directly into the 3PL's system. They will then send back a confirmation that the order has been shipped and adjust quantities in cases where stock could not be dispatched.

Transferring a Sale


The first step is to create an order:

  1. Create an Order as usual, from the 3PL branch that you have created.
    By default the 3PL Status of each new order is "Transfer to 3PL on Completion".
  2. Dispatch the Order by entering a fully dispatched date or follow the Back Order process.
  3. Open the 3PL module by choosing it from the left navigation; your orders should appear in the list to the right.
  4. To transfer the Orders to the 3PL you can either:
    • Select Export against each individual order, to send one order at a time.

    • Send all of the orders in this list at the same time by selecting Export All.
  5. The 3PL Status will change to "Transferred to 3PL for Picking".
  6. Once picked, the status will change again to "Picked by 3PL Successfully".

For a detailed look at the various statuses, see the table below.

Transferring a Branch Transfer

You may wish to send a Branch Transfer to your 3PL to move stock from their warehouse to, for example, one of your stores. The 3PL will treat this as any other order.

To send a Transfer:

  1. Create a Branch Transfer as usual.
  2. Make sure that the 3PL branch is the "from" branch.
  3. Approve and then Fully Dispatch the Branch Transfer
    The transfer will not be received at the recipient branch yet however.
  4. The transfer will appear in the list of orders in the 3PL module as above.

Statuses Explained

The 3PL Status is an important field as it keeps you up to date with the status of each transfer. Don't forget to add the status field to your list page and Admin screen; see the Setting Up a 3PL Connection Help article for additional information.

Status Explanation
Transfer to 3PL Upon Completion This is the default setting. Once orders are fully dispatched, the order will be available for Transfer to 3PL.
Transfer to 3PL Now If you'd like to transfer the order before stock has been dispatched in the system, you can manually set the status to "Transfer Now".
Transferred to 3PL for Picking Once the Order has been successfully transferred, the status will be changed to Transferred to 3PL for Picking.
Transferred to 3PL with Errors If successfully sent to the 3PL but the underlying system/server returns an error, the order will be flagged with this status. Error details can be found in the given 3PL module.
Do Not Transfer to 3PL This status can be manually chosen if, for any reason, you wish the order not to be sent to the 3PL.
Picked by 3PL Successfully The 3PL will send picking information back to Cin7 and this status will be set provided all has been picked correctly.
Picked by 3PL with Errors If an error state occurs when receiving picking information, the order will be flagged with this status. Error details can be found in the given 3PL module.


Do you transfer any other information?

Currently Cin7 does not send through information such as:

  • Purchases/Inward Goods
  • Product details
  • Stock Levels
  • Stock Adjustments
When I press export, I receive an error. What should I do?

If an error is caused when you press export, your order will not be sent to the 3PL. If you receive an error, please contact Cin7 Support for additional insight and help resolving the underlying issue.