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Setting up Alternative GL Accounts for QuickBooks Enterprise

Last updated 25/02/2021

Alternative General Ledger (GL) Accounts can be used to refine how your Sales Orders are imported into QuickBooks.


When you configure your QuickBooks (QBE) integration, you will choose one default revenue account to which you will import sales.

It is likely that you use more than one revenue account. You can download Alternative GL Accounts from your QBE account to Cin7 and apply them in different ways to achieve more detailed reporting in QBE.

This article explains how to create and download Alternative GL Accounts from your QBE account.

Creating Alternative GL Accounts

To create an Alternative GL Account:

  1. Log into your QBE account.
  2. Create a Service for each inventory revenue account in your chart of account.

Please refer to the how to create an item in QBE Help article for additional detail.

  1. Log into Cin7 as an Administrator.
  2. Open the QuickBooks Enterprise Module.
  3. Select Get Tax and Account Codes.

You’ll now see the Alternative GL Account for each service you created to appear in the Alternative GL Accounts settings.