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Syncing Gift Vouchers to WooCommerce

Last updated 25/02/2021

How to sync Gift Vouchers with WooCommerce.


Cin7 can update Gift Vouchers from the Cin7 POS to WooCommerce, allowing your customers to buy and redeem Gift Vouchers both in-store and online.

Setting up Voucher Sync Updates

By default, voucher syncing is turned off. To set up voucher sync:

  1. While logged in as an Administrator, from the left navigation, select Integrations then WooCommerce.
  2. Select Settings, top right.
  3. Make sure the Gift Vouchers section is checked (it may already be checked).
  4. Under the Gift Vouchers menu, set Enabled to "Yes".
  5. Go to the Cin7 Settings menu and select POS Settings.
  6. In the e-Commerce Voucher Sync section, make sure Enable Voucher Sync is "On".
  7. Make sure the integration channel is selected.

Syncing Vouchers


On your WooCommerce dashboard, you will see the Gift Vouchers tile which displays a list of your latest vouchers and a list of vouchers in Cin7 which have not been synced to WooCommerce.

Selecting Upload New Vouchers to WooCommerce will create the coupons in WooCommerce.

Cin7 will update a number of fields:

Field Description
Coupon Code The unique code for the gift voucher.
Coupon Type Defaults to "Fixed Cart Discount".
Coupon Amount Total of the Gift Voucher
Description Default is "Generated from Cin7".
Usage Limit Default is "1".
Expiry Date The Expiry date of the gift voucher.

When you redeem a Gift Voucher via Cin7's POS, the coupon in WooCommerce will be deleted automatically.

If a Gift Voucher is redeemed in WooCommerce, at the time of downloading the order to Cin7 the corresponding gift voucher will be marked as redeemed.

If the full value of the Gift Voucher is not redeemed, the original voucher will be marked as redeemed and a new Gift Voucher (with the same reference no.) with the remaining balance will automatically be generated in Cin7 and uploaded to WooCommerce.