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Brandscope Settings

Last updated 18/03/2019

This article outlines the configuration settings available in the Brandscope module.


The integration with Brandscope can be configured to suit your business from the Settings page.

To locate the settings:

  1. Whilst logged in as an administrator, click on your username, top right, and then click Settings.
  2. Under Integrations, click Brandscope.

Stock Settings

Ticking the Stock checkbox will enable stock to be updated from Cin7 to Brandscope.

Last Updated

When updating stock, only stock that has changed after this date will be updated. Simply leave this field alone at all times unless under special circumstances.

Auto Sync Stock

Ticking this box will sync stock levels when ever you visit the admin screen of a module and whenever you download an order. We recommend only ticking this box if you are confident your stock levels are accurate.

Get Stock Levels From

When updating stock levels, you can choose to only update stock levels from a particular branch.

Subtract Buffer Stock From Stock Levels

Add in buffer stock levels to ensure you never oversell.

Map Warehouses

Match your Branches in Cin7 to your Warehouses in Brandscope.

Additional Settings

Settings specific to the Brandscope module.

Product Brand

Set your Brandscope Brand Name. If this field is left empty, the Brand Name will come from the Brand selected in your individual products in Cin7.