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Salesforce Overview

Last updated 09/09/2020

Connect Salesforce CRM to Cin7 to import Quotes or Opportunities and update Products.


Salesforce is a leading cloud CRM software. Integrating Salesforce with Cin7 will allow you to:

  • Transfer product, pricing and stock information to Salesforce.
  • Import Quotes (marked as accepted) or Opportunities (marked "Closed Won") from Salesforce into Cin7 Sales Orders.
  • Update customer contact information in Cin7 as the quotes from Salesforce are imported.
  • Map Cin7 price columns to their respective active Pricebooks in Salesforce.

Cin7's integration requires access to Salesforce API, therefore your organization must use one of the following editions of Salesforce:

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Performance Edition
  • Unlimited Edition
  • Developer Edition

The API is not available for the following editions:

  • Essentials Edition
  • Group Edition
  • Professional Edition.

Finding your Version

To check the Salesforce version, go to "Setup" and click on "Administer" in the left panel. The version name appears at the top. 

Setup and Use

To Connect Salesforce to Cin7, please see Connecting Cin7 to Salesforce.