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ShipStation Settings

Last updated 22/01/2021

Configuration settings available in the ShipStation module.


The integration with ShipStation can be configured to suit your business from the Settings page.

To locate the settings:

  1. While logged in as an Administrator, click on your username in the top right and then select Settings.
  2. Under Integrations, select ShipStation.


Rate Calculator

This is detailed in Connecting Cin7 to ShipStation.

Order Integration & Status Updates

This is detailed in Connecting Cin7 to ShipStation.

Custom Field Mapping

This allows all ShipStation users to map three Cin7 fields at the sales order level to the three custom fields in ShipStation. For additional assistance in custom mapping the fields, please contact Cin7 Support.


Send Errors To

Enter an email address to which errors should be sent.

Weight Units

Use this field to switch between Metric and Imperial.

Markup Freight Costs

Add a percentage here to add an increase to the freight costs that are pulled through from ShipStation. For more information see Adding ShipStation Shipping Fees to a Sales Order.

Auto Backorder ShipStation Split Orders

If a Sales Order is split in ShipStation, it will automatically create a backorder in Cin7 for the non dispatched items.

Invoice Order Upon Completion

Add an invoice date in the Sales Order as soon as it is completed in ShipStation.

Get Orders From

Only orders from the selected Cin7 branches will be sent to ShipStation.

Include BOM 'Use' Items

Choose to send components/child items within a bundled item or kit over to ShipStation in the Sales Order.

ShipStation Currency

Use this option if your ShipStation currency is not the same as your Cin7 base currency.


Importing Transactions into ShipStation populates the following fields:

Order Number
Order Date
Order Status
Last Modified
Shipping Method
Payment Method
Tax Amount
Shipping Amount
Customer Code
Customer Notes
Billing name
Billing Company
Billing Phone
Billing Email
Shipping Name
Shipping Company
Shipping Address 1
Shipping Address 2
Shipping City
Shipping State
Shipping Postal Code
Shipping Phone