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Syncing Sales Orders with StarShipIT

Last updated 09/05/2018

Orders are synced with StarShipIT for labeling and picking - this article explains how.

Syncing Sales Orders and Branch Transfers

Sales Orders are synced with StarShipIT if the following conditions are satisfied:

  • The Transaction is Approved.
  • The Stage of the Transaction is set to Fully Picked.

    Dispatching Stock

    When you change the stage of an order to Fully Picked, Cin7 will try to dispatch the stock.
    If you find that there is not enough stock to pick the order then you will need to either backorder the items not in stock, or if the Cin7 Stock is wrong, then create an adjustment for the stock that should be in Cin7.

  • The fully dispatched field is empty.

Once these conditions are met you can import the orders directly into Cin7:

  1. Log into your StarShipIT account.
  2. Click the 'Import' dropdown, then click Import All.
    All Sales Orders (and Branch Transfers) will be transferred to StarShipIT, where you can print labels and dispatch.

Updating Cin7

Once a transaction has been dispatched in StarShipIT, the following fields in Cin7 Sales Orders will be updated:

  • Tracking Code - populated with the tracking code.
  • Internal Comments - populated with carrier name and date received.
  • Fully Dispatched date - populated with fully dispatched date.