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Problem Solving POS Errors

Last updated 25/05/2021

If you find you have an issue with the POS there are a few simple steps you can try in order to rectify the problem.


Occasionally, if the POS becomes out of sync with the backend, you may notice issues. Most of these can be easily resolved by setting up the POS again. Here is a list of things to try - from quick fix to last resort.

Follow this list in order:

1. Are you using the right browser?

The POS works and has been fully tested using Chrome and Safari. It should also work using Opera, but has not been fully tested.

Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox and others are not able to run the POS.

If you find you have an issue with the POS there are a few simple steps you can try in order to rectify the problem.

2. Sync settings from within the POS

Most issues are usually resolved by syncing settings. The Sync Settings button can be found at the top right of the screen.

3. Hard refresh the page

Hold down CTRL and press F5 (on a Mac press Command + Shift + R).  Press Sync settings.

4. Are you using any browser extensions or anti-virus software that may be causing issues?

Sometimes anti-virus software can get in the way of syncing. Try temporarily switching off programs such as Norton or McAfee to see if this resolves the issue. Don't forget to switch back on if this does not solve the issue.

5. Check for Offline or Parked Transactions

Are there any transactions stuck in the Offline or Parked Transactions area? Does syncing clear these transactions?

If possible, delete these transactions. Does this resolve the problem?

6. Log out, close browser, re-open and then sync settings from the login screen.

Log out by clicking Log out at the top right of the screen. Close the browser. Re-open the browser again and load the login page.

In the login screen click the Sync Settings button on the bottom right of the screen.

7. Clear the Cache.

In Chrome Press CTRL + Shift + Delete (Command + Shift + Delete on Mac) then follow the instructions that appear. Press Sync Settings.

8. In Chrome clear the 'app cache'

Close all tabs, then open a new tab. Copy and paste the following address to your browser:


Click Remove against any Cin7 entries with 'POS' in the Manifest.

Close Chrome, then restart as usual. You will need to setup the POS again - see Setting up the POS.

9. Return Chrome to its default settings.

This will remove all settings in Chrome, so should only be used as a last resort.

Click on the button with three horizontal lines at the top right of your browser.

Click on Settings.

Click Show Advanced Settings.

At the very bottom click Reset Settings.

If the issue still persists please contact our support team.