Can I import stock adjustments with $0.00 into Xero?

When I tried to import  a $0.00 stock adjustments into Xero I kept getting the following error "A manual journal must contain at least two lines". 


The error occurred because the total amount for the stock adjustment is $0.00. The total amount must be greater than $0.00 in order for a stock adjustment to be successfully imported to Xero. Since a zero dollar transaction will not cause any financial changes in your accounting system you can set the stock adjustment to Do Not Import. 


To do this:

  1. Open the stock adjustment module
  2. Open the stock adjustment
  3. Click on 'Go To Admin'
  4. Change the 'Xero/QBO Invoice Status' from 'Error' to 'Do Not Import'



10/3/2017 - Dorothy