How can I apply a percentage discount to a group of customers?

Is there a way to set a percentage off discount for a group of customers?. 

What is the best way to set up this type of customer group?


To create the customer group and apply the discounts:

  1. Navigate to the CRM and filter for the group of customers that you want to apply the discount for.
  2. Click on Actions and select Export Contacts ensuring you have your contact type and Percentage off selected.
  3. Enter the percentage discount under Percentage Off for that customer group.
  4. Click on Actions and then Bulk Update Contacts (New).
  5. Paste the data from Excel to Import tool and click on Next.
  6. Follow through the rest of the Update Tool till the update is complete.

Please note that discounts cannot be applied directly on the customer group level.
In order to see the Percentage Off Price Tier in CRM, you will need to set it up in the CRM Settings.

2/15/2018 - Vishal